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    • Beijing Gao-an-tun Waste Incineration project
    • Summary:

      Project Profile:  The Project of the Gaoantun Garbage Incineration Plant in Beijing City is a key project in Beijing City, at the same time, it is also first project of the garbage incineration power plant in Beijing City, and is also a key project o...Details>>

    • Hangzhou Second Landfill & Sewage Treatment Plant Reconstruction project
    • Summary:

      Project Name: Automatic Control and Monitoring System on Reconstruction Project of Second Landfill Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hangzhou CityProject Profile:   The Second Landfill Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hangzhou City is located at the Qinglon...Details>>

    • Zhangjiagang Landfill Effusion Fluid Treatment project
    • Summary:

      Project Scale: 160 tons per dayProject Profile: The treatment scale of the solid waste sanitary landfill which is being established currently by Zhangjiagang City is up to 470 tons per day, it was expected to put into use in 2009. The scale of leacha...Details>>

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