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Maojiaping Water Plant

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Project Name: Maojiaping Water Plant Project
Project Profile:
  Maojiaping water plant is named by the Maojiaping reservoir in the south, with the estimated total investment of 450 million yuan a designed daily water production capacity of 500,000 tons. The water plant will be built on 52 meters high hillside at the northwest side of Plum Garden Village, supplying water by using of terrain height and gravity.  The water plant uses the high quality raw water of Jiaokou Reservoir and takes the high quality raw water from Zhougongzhai reservoir as supplementation. After enhanced coagulation, sedimentation and filtration, this water plant supplies water primarily for the urban and rural area in Yinzhou, Haishu and Jiangbei, and connects with the water pipes of newly established Dongqian Lake water plant into the water supply ring network in Ningbo City.
Project Scale: 500,000ton/day
Process Flows

Contracted Construction Project: responsible for the supply, installation and operation commissioning of all process and electrical equipment of the project

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