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Qingtai Water Plant Water Purification & Reconstruction Project

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Project Name: Drinking Water Purification Renovation Project of Hangzhou Qingtai Water Plant
Contracted construction contents
The contents include the procurement and installation of chlorination dosing, pump equipment, valves, sluice gates, automatic supervisory control system and other equipments. Water purification process structures include the distribution well and pre-ozone contact pool, ozone preparation workshop, folded plate flocculation horizontal flow sedimentation tank, etc.
Process Introduction
The current total water production capacity of Qingtai water plant is 300,000 m3/d and the purification process is the conventional treatment combined with advanced treatment.
The bright spots of the technology
Drinking water purification renovation project of Qingtai water plant brings forth new ideas in the water purification process of "Ozone + Activated Carbon" advanced treatment of general plants and adopts groundbreaking new drinking water advanced treatment process, namely the treatment process of "ozone + Coagulating sedimentation + charcoal sand filtration + membrane treatment ", which also set a precedent for the domestic water supply innovative technology.

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