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Project on the Sewage Treatment Plant in Shaoxing

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Project Name
  Reconstruction Project of the Third Phase of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Shaoxing (200,000 tons per day)
Project Profile:
    The Sewage Treatment Plant in Shaoxing is located at the northeast in Shaoxing City Area and in the Binhai Industry District of Shaoxing County, which is east close to Caoejiang and is north close to the Qiantang River, it covers total area of 1,8000 acres. It is currently the largest integrated sewage treatment plant in China, and it is also a largest printing and dyeing wastewater centralization management company in the world to this day, which be mainly responsible for the centralized processing and discharge standards task on the industrial wastewater and domestic sewage in Shaoxing City and Shaoxing County. The company’s total scale of planning is to treat the million tons of sewage treatment per day, and the service area is more than 30 square kilometers. 


Project Scale:
200,000 tons pre day
Construction Project:


The project is currently a sewage treatment project related to the printing and dyeing wastewater in China. Its main content includes supply, installation and commissioning of the equipment such as the project automation control instrumentation system, PLC system, TV monitoring system. 


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