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Shanghai Jinshan Water Plant

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Project Name: Shanghai Jinshan-- Water Plant (Plant Area) Construction Project


Project Profile

  This water plant project is a turnkey project implemented by Pacific Water Treatment, Which has completed high voltage soft start variable frequency water delivery systems, four drug dosing system, the precipitation reaction system, V-filter systems, sludge treatment and dewatering systems, instrumentation automatic control systems, plant-level electric transformer and distribution system and DLP display systems and contained the cost for all plant’s equipments, electric, automatic control integrated system supply, commissioning and operation, as well as production and operating. Sludge treatment and dewatering system has been successfully put into operation, which has effectively protected the natural environment around the water plant.


Project Scale: 200,000 m3/d


Contracted construction content:

  Taking all responsibility for the whole plant’s engineering optimization design, automatic control, instrumentation and electrical equipments 

TypeInfo: Water supply

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