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Nantong Chonghai Water Plant Phase I Project

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Project Background:
The project design plan adopts the technology of modern computer integrated manufacturing system, learns from the application experience in the water supply industry, and builds the fully integrated automation system for the water plant. By realizing the automation of water purification plant’s production process, informatization of production factors and the networked management, the water purification plant will be built into a modern water treatment corporation with highly automation, informationalized level and convenient management.
The project integrated automatic control system includes the whole plant’s reaction tank agitator, integrated dosing system, air blowers, compressors, filter pneumatic valves, vacuum priming device, sludge tanks and balanced pool diving agitators, sludge dewatering system, instrumentations and automation control systems, security systems, etc.
Treatment Scale:
The project general scale is 800,000 m3/d and the stage 1 project scale is 400,000 m3/d, K=1.08 (self water consumption coefficient). In the long term, its plane layout connection will reach the scale of 800,000 m3/d(K=1.08).
Treatment Process:



Project Goal:
The treated water quality shall meet Standards for Drinking Water Quality(GB5749-2006)
Contracted construction project:
Taking overall responsibility of the supply, installation and commissioning of air blowers, agitators, valves, dehydration and other process equipments, chlorination and dosing system, automotive control system, instrumentation system, video monitoring system, etc.

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