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Nantong Lujing Water Plant Membrane Upgrading & Reconstruction Project

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Project Name: Nantong Lujing Water Plant Upgrading and Reconstructing Membrane Project


Project Profile:
Built in 1973, Lu Jing water plant faces the technical problems of how to make the water quality meet the standard initially using the conventional water treatment process. Since March 2008, Pacific Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. completed the technical experiment of the short water purification process with immersive ultrafiltration membrane technology as the core. And in January 2009, it passed the identification conducted by Li Guibai, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and other seven domestic famous experts.

Project Scale: 25,000 ton/day renovation project

Major process: ultrafitration membrane short water purification process


Achievement: won the first prize of Nantong scientific and technological progress and Jiangsu provincial major scientific research promotion program
Running Condition:
The project was completed and brought into production in December 2009. Currently, it runs stably and the water turbidity reaches 0.05NTU, which has high interception performance on microorganisms and a variety of pathogenic bacteria. Its water quality is totally superior to the state's new drinking water quality standards.



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