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Ningbo Dongqian Lake Water Plant

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Project Name: Ningbo Dongqian Lake Water Plant Project
Project Introduction:
  Ningbo Dongqian Lake water plant and water pipeline project is the key construction project of Zhejiang Province and Ningbo. Construction contents of the project include: a new water purification plant of 500,000 tons/day, about 1km raw water pipeline DN1600 from the Hengshan Reservoir watershed point to the Dongqian Lake water plant, with the scale of 250,000 tons/day and about 32.5km water pipeline DN1800 ~ DN2000 from Dongqian Lake water plant to the main pipeline network junction of urban water distribution with the scale of 500,000 tons/day.
Stage 1 is 250,000 t/s and stage 2 is 250,000t/d
Contracted Construction Project
  The general contracted project of Pacific Water Treatment Engineering Co. mainly includes the supply, installation, commissioning and associated services of the imported equipment and systems supporting accessories with the total scale of 500,000t/d for Dongqian Water Plant Stage 1 and Stage 2.


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