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Danyang Regional Water Supply Project

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Project Name: Dangyang City Regional Water Supply Project 100,000 m3/d Danyang Water Plant Stage two 


Project Profile
  Danyang City Regional Water Supply Project Danyang Water Plant Expansion Project includes water purification facilities with newly increased scale of 100,000 m3 / d and sludge water treatment facilities with scale of 200,000 m3 / d. The new land acquisition of Danyang water plant is 200.25 mu. The water supply of Danyang water plant after completion will cover the scope of urban area and Quanzhou, Situ, Yunlin, Yanling, Xinggong, heyang, Lianhu, Erling, Zheliu, Yunhe, Lvcheng, Jiangshi, Daoshu, Huangtang, Lizhuang, Lingkou, Xinqiao, Jiepai and other towns.
Project Scale: 100,000 m3/d

Process Flow

Contracted Construction Project and Significance

The Pacific Water Treatment is responsible for the general contract project covering sludge dewatering systems, valves, pumps and other process equipment, PLC automatic control instrumentation systems and video monitoring system. The project is one of the representative cases of general contract projects undertaken by the Pacific Water Treatment, which is the World Bank loan project.

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