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Nanjing East City Sewage Treatment Plant project

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Project Name: Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of Equipment and Automatic Control System on the Sewage Treatment Plant at East District in Nanjing City


Project Profile:
The total scale of the sewage treatment planned by the Sewage Treatment Plant at East District in Nanjing City is about 300,000 tons per day. The recent (first and second phase) construction scale is about 200,000 tons per day. Meanwhile, the land of sewage treatment facilities with treatment capacity of 100,000 tons per day is reserved at a specified future date. The sewage treatment process is improved A2/O(UCT)+tertiary treatment process and the sludge treatment process is to adopt the outward landfill method after treatment of concentration dewatering integrative machine. 


Project Scale: 200,000 tons per day

Technological Process: 

The sewage treatment process recommends adopting UCT Treatment Process and the sludge treatment process recommends using the sludge concentration dewatering. The specific process flow is shown in Figure: 


Construction Project:

  Including supply, guidance, installation and commissioning of the pressure filter system; design of LP and TV monitoring system, supply and installation of automatic control system; installation and commissioning of diving equipment, blower, disinfection equipment, complete equipment for dewatering machine, deodorizing equipment; personnel training and software development. 



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