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Beijing Gao-an-tun Waste Incineration project

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Project Profile:
  The Project of the Gaoantun Garbage Incineration Plant in Beijing City is a key project in Beijing City, at the same time, it is also first project of the garbage incineration power plant in Beijing City, and is also a key project on Beijing 2008 Olympic Project. The project may daily treat the domestic garbage of 1,600 tons and provide two garbage incinerators of 800 tons per day as well as construct two generators of 150,000 kilowatts. The amount of daily burning garbage on the single line is largest in China and in the world, and it has significant impact and far-reaching significance in the municipal solid waste incineration industry. 
Project scale: 2*800t/d
Project Content: electrical system, thermal control system, water treatment system

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