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Xiaoshan East Regional Water Supply Project

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Project Name: Xiaoshan East Region Water Supply (Jiangdong Water Plant) Stage 1 Project

Project Introduction:

The construction of Xiaoshan East Region Water Supply (Jiangdong Water Plant) Stage 1 Project is approved and agreed by Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission Design [2007] No. 102, which has become the key construction project of Zhejiang Province. The construction scale of the project is 1 million tons/day for long-term planning, 300,000 tons/day for stage 1 construction, 26 km supporting raw water pipelines, 1,000,000 tons/day for civil engineering, 300,000 tons/day for equipment configuration and one water intake, with the total investment of about 900 million yuan. The construction site is located in Jingjiang town, Xiaoshan district. The project was completed in August 2011.

Project Scale: stage 1 construction is 300,000 tons/day

Contracted construction project:

Automatic monitoring system, low voltage power distribution system, chlorination, adding alum, alkalifying, adding potassium permanganate, adding activated carbon, air blower, air compressor, pneumatic valve, sludge drying and security system

TypeInfo: Water supply

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