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  • Introduce:  Technical Features:   After the sludge is uniformly mixed with lime to carry out the reaction, and then the dehydration and sterilization should be made. Finally, the sludge may be reclaimed and used to achieve reduction, innocuity and resource of sludge. Scope of application: drying treatment of sludge for water supply and drainage in CityCase: Sewage Treatment Plant in Dongguan City
  • Introduce:  Technical Features:   Use the steam with waste heat in steamer to dry sludge, and the sludge after drying should be directly burned. It is suitable for the joint construction of power plants, with local location and environmental protection.Scope of the Application: drying treatment of sludge for water supply and drainage in CityCase: project on the sludge drying in Zhangjiagang City
  • Introduce:  Technical Features:   The system integrated the GIS system and SCADA systems and a part of the model. It is able to simulate and display the pressure, changes in flow and water quality on the pipeline network, to carry out the dynamic analysis on the sewage treatment plant, to optimize the energy-saving operation, to evaluate the overflowing risks, to reduce risks of pipeline leakage, to improve the emergency response abilities. Scope of the Application: scheduling system fo...
  • Introduce:  Technical Features:   By taking advantage of the aerobic pool dissolved oxygen control technology and membrane gas-liquid backwashing technology, the traditional MBR processes are innovatively improved. The conventional membrane components may only be used for the limitation of (3-12 g / L) sludge concentration range to make membrane pollution rate reduce by 20%, to make the membrane life increase more than 5 years, and to break through the technical bottleneck of short memb...
  • Introduce:  Technical Features: The deep bed and filter chamber process resolved related disadvantage (such as easy clogging, uniform aeration and low effectiveness) of traditionally biological aerated filter chamber. Use the patented technology of the gas and water distribution to achieve nitrification and de-nitrification, to achieve the removal of nitrogen, phosphorus and SS, etc. the quality of effluent water is steady, and it covers small area and it is suitable for sewage treatmen...
  • Introduce:  Technical Features:   The membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a biochemical reaction system that the membrane separation technology combined with the bioreactor, which usually consists of the biological reaction tank and membrane cisterna in the application of the wastewater treatment process. The membrane cisterna may replace the secondary settling tank in the conventionally activated sludge (CAS) process to greatly enhance the ability of solid-liquid separation in the system, to ...
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